E.V. Jackson Short Bio

E.V. Jackson is an exquisite Storyteller. She pulls you in to the moment with her compelling lyrics, mesmerizing melodies, and rich and soulful vocals. E.V. writes about life, love, and relationships... and the price of life, love, and relating.

 This "old soul" seems to draw upon a wealth of wisdom and many more years of insights into the human condition than her actual age ought to afford . Her songs are her conclusions to life's study stated clearly, sometimes loudly and other times whimsically or softly.

 Jackson's vocals, perfectly matched to her songs, have a soul-deep quality that grabs hold of you and keeps you glued to the last note.  E. V. Jackson is working on her debut cd ,"folkrocksoul", which is slated to be released in 2014. E.V. makes her home in southern California.